This week I’ve been going gaga over a book by Nicola Yoon. Everything Everything is a YA novel about 18 year old Maddy who has to live in a sterile environment because she’s allergic to the world. She has settled into a sense of normality over the situation – until Olly moves in next door, and she begins to question whether she is really content to live her life hidden away in her home, or whether she’s willing to risk everything to experience more.

It’s beautifully written, and captures the joyful awkwardness of first love, and the tentative stumblings toward independence very well.

I sent the following text to my daughter once I’d finished the book:

Yoon reveals aspects of the story and of Maddy’s personality through little dictionary definitions, her Life in Short Spoiler book reviews (very, very short book reviews), and IMs.

For example:

or one of her book reviews, which reveals how she’s feeling or what she’s thinking:

Each review reveals something about her and what she’s thinking, and gives more insight into the story. There’s also little illustrations throughout the book, which are by Yoon’s husband, writer and designer, David Yoon, and really add to the story.

There is also a movie – which, unfortunately, didn’t get released in New Zealand – and stars Amandla Stenberg as Maddy (remember her as 12 year old Rue in The Hunger Games?), and Nick Robinson as Olly (he played Ben Parish in The 5th Wave).

You can find more information about the book here.

Check out the trailer here.